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There are 63 different PF issues, many a times more than one issue is intertwined and hence causes distraught and anxiety. We try understand all these problems and provide a solution. You can expect us to

  • Help you understand the problem
  • Guide you how to solve the problem
  • We take up the task and solve the problem for you

PF Helpdesk was started with a sole mission of easing out all PF related anxiety and ensuring your hard-earned money is safely available to you. Some issues are technical that are non-standard processes, some are very simple issues and some are reasons that may not have a logical reasoning. Our experts patiently understand your PF related queries, and explain to the route-cause of the issue. Look through our Learning Space for any questions you may have in this regard.

Our Story

Provident fund is a compulsory provision to all salaried workers in India. There are so many rules and regulations related to PF and its usage.
A lot of people struggle with various issues in this area and are not sure who to reach out to. It is difficult and could be a struggle for anybody to tackle it alone.

Almost every employer is legally bound to comply with the terms and conditions of Provident Fund. However, a little error or carelessness can lead to the blockage of your PF balance.

We saw a growing problem in the industry in the past few years. We felt the need to address this problem with quality support for the same.
Making a difference in the lives of people came to one of our milestones when we decided to start a PF Helpdesk.
We started PFHelpdesk in the year 2018.
We have turned the tables on the problem and given some solutions to our own since then.

PFHelpdesk was started with the mission to give our customers an unfailing and end-to-end solution and clarification on all PF matters under one roof so that people can get their problems resolved without having to run from pillar to post. Our founding team have been experts with over 15 years typically solving various problems related to PF.
PFHelpdesk is here to make your life and work simplified by identifying the issue and providing the right solution instantly.

With the vision to be the largest customer-centric compliance PF support provider, we aim at transforming the way PF is being viewed. We are leading the charge to provide innovative solutions, unparalleled service, and unmatched expertise to remove the pain points that exist in this area.

We are located across India in the below-mentioned cities:

  • PFHelpdesk Bangalore
  • PFHelpdesk New Delhi
  • PFHelpdesk Mumbai
  • PFHelpdesk Ahmedabad
  • PFHelpdesk Kolkata
  • PFHelpdesk Madurai
  • PFHelpdesk Hyderabad
  • PFHelpdesk Cochin

The next time you type "PF consultant near me" in your browser, we will appear in no time and make your life easier!
Turn your provident fund woes into a story of hope with PFHelpdesk which has got this problem covered at its best and in no time.


Our team of PF Experts

Krishnan N | PF expert | PF Helpdesk | India

Krishnan N

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